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Hawk Labs sells a range of premium products are used in residential, commercial and industrial refinishing applications worldwide. They offer industry-leading customer and technical service and are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet current and emerging demands of the refinishing industry.

RaiseYourVoltage was tasked with a full website rebuild and redesign.  Phase One has been completed which has laid the groundwork for the setup and connection of their ERP eCommerce platform.  Phase Two (pending) will connect the thousands of products in their ERP system to the new website and enable increased conversion tactics and functionality.


HAWK'S original website

raiseyourvoltage wireframe design

Hawk Labs already had a detailed Product Catalog in distribution long before we began.  The intention of this project was about bringing that printed catalog to life in a digital and online setting.  Their original website at the time was essentially a white paper and they wanted a full eCommerce shop that would be connected to their ERP software and already set up product details.  

RaiseYourVoltage was tasked with the full website rebuild and redesign.  The project included graphic design service on logos, product photos and other brand assets.  The website itself involved a complete template from the ground up that went through multiple revisions.   The Hawk team knew exactly what they wanted with their design and we did our best on the design and web development.


custom web design

John Kenny - CEO Hawk Labs.jpg

RaiseYourVoltage did an outstanding job updating our branding and building us a completely new website from the ground up.

In addition to all of this, they improved our graphic design and created an overall style guide for Hawk Labs.

logo update

graphic design

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