Throwin Stones is a family owned and operated business based in the Appalachian Valley of Asheville, North Carolina.  

As an eCommerce only, online retailer, ThrowinStones has had a long-term partnership with RaiseYourVoltage based around revenue growth and digital marketing.

The engagement has encompassed all areas of business with a specific focus on social media, SEO, conversion rate optimatization and increasing sales and revenue. 


revenue growth

Work done with Throwin Stones is ongoing and protected by a non-disclosure agreement.

We have successfully increased sales and revenue each and every quarter we have partnered with Throwin Stones and look forward to a continued bright future together!

omni-channel marketing

RaiseYourVoltage has partnered with Throwin Stones to increase their sales and conversion rate across FOUR (4) Major Ecommerce Platforms!

RaiseYourVoltage brings cutting edge digital marketing and SEO strategies to the table which have significantly increased sales and brand visibility on these networks.  Each network has its own unique set of rules and variables and requires a totally custom strategy.

We have continually helped Throwin Stones to beat their best sales numbers month after month, quarter after quarter!

social media

RaiseYourVoltage main contributions are centered around increasing sales and conversion rate.  One of our primary avenues for Throwin Stones is through growing their Social Media following, posting a wide variety of products regularly, and utilizing cutting edge digital marketing to engage with our audience and sell more rocks.

Since the beginning of our partnership, RaiseYourVoltage has more than doubled the Throwin Stones Instagram following from 23,000 to almost 50,000 as of this writing!  We are also working to grow large communities on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and YouTube!

design & strategy

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