FIFTHROOM is an online marketplace for your home, your garden and your family. They operate five specialty shops which work together to let you shop the way you love to shop, all in one place.


RaiseYourVoltage was tasked to run deep analytics on 15 years of Google AdWords, Analytics and Search Console data.  Multiple revenue growth projects have been set in place based on years of consumer data numbers and efforts to build an external sales force.

A Comprehensive Website SEO Analysis also revealed many areas for the company to improve its content and Search Engine Rankings.




affiliate marketing

In addition to Google AdWords, Analytics and SEO consultation, Fifthroom also tasked RaiseYourVoltage with the setup, growth and management of two separate Affiliate Marketing programs.

Each of these programs has a very specific target audience, goals and intentions.  The setup of the campaigns is very dynamic based on what Fifthroom is looking to achieve.  Due to the highly focused nature of these Affiliate programs, RaiseYourVoltage is testing cutting edge delivery and content solutions to encourage the best possible growth metrics on this initiative.

The work on these programs is on-going and protected by non-disclosure agreements.

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