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Kaul Sales Partners helps companies that need to generate new leads and increase quarterly revenue, but are lacking critical capabilities in their sales and marketing functions. 


Kaul Sales tasked RaiseYourVoltage with design, marketing and sales strategy work across 25 different companies in a wide range of B2B industries! 

optimized their WordPress websites, created SEO strategies, blog content, and conversion funnels. Designed and built successful Email Marketing campaigns and sourced leads.

The combination of data, design and research allowed us to better understand the target market for each individual company and then to create a unique strategy to grow their business.

Kaul Sales Partners Home Page Update
Revenue Action Session Form
Video Funnel Landing Page SEO Optimized.
Sales and Marketing Testimonials
Call to Action Page
Above the Fold - Kaul Sales Partners web
SSL update
SEO Summary
Important Pages SEO Marketing strategy
Services CTA

web design

The Kaul Sales Partners website was in need of  serious upgrades and optimization when RaiseYourVoltage joined the team.  There were major technical issues with the WordPress theme being 4 years out of date and also not set up save backups of the site.  All of the hard work and content created by the KSP team was basically hanging there in cyber-space, one website crash away from being lost forever!

RaiseYourVoltage redesigned much of the Page Flow and Layouts of the site and installed a daily back-up system through WordPress.  We also developed a new look and feel to their blog content and indexing system bringing them up to date with 2018 best practices. Overall improvement in usability and UI / UX experience. 


Nick from RaiseYourVoltage is an incredibly dedicated individual who is always pressing and striving to learn new skills and best practices in digital marketing.


They've done a lot for Kaul Sales Partners in the area of technology improvements and bringing new ideas on a regular basis to the team. We love working with RaiseYourVoltage and will continue to do so as our digital marketing requirements evolve.​

conversion funnel


blog design

Trusted Advisor Blog Post Design in Word
B2B CEO Perspective Blog Post
Prospective Clients Blog
Are Referrals Enough to Drive Revenue Gr
Scaling Sales Revenue at Your Startup

seo & google analytics

landing page design

John Dubock.jpg

Nick with RaiseYourVoltage has a ton of great energy and the web skills to truly enhance anyone's online business.  They're tech, fast and has a great future ahead of them in digital marketing, web design and SEO.  Anyone who works with four screens on his desk is well ahead of the technology curve!

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