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Visualoso is an expert in Retail Marketing, Merchandising and Design Diva with over 20 years experience in the retail visual world.

RaiseYourVoltage was tasked with a SEO Optimization, Keyword Research and Digital Marketing Strategy.  We dove right into the project and completely reworked the SEO architecture of  Within a matter of weeks we saw large gains in Google SEO Ranking as well as displays in different Local Search features and Local Packs.

We went on to develop and execute custom B2B LinkedIn campaigns for Visualoso which opened the door to meaningful conversations and relationships with new prospective clients.  


Home Page Design Suggestions
Wix SEO Update
Change Text to Dark Blue or Black
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Visual Branding and Retail Merchandising
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Mobile PageSpeed
Wix SEO Changes
Desktop PageSpeed
Visual Branding - 320 amsv
Retail Merchandising Consultants - 10 am

 SEO strategy plan

SEO Guide Part 1
SEO Guide Part 2
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I hired RaiseYourVoltage to help me with SEO optimization and it turned into a much larger and more fruitful exchange!

They offered invaluable guidance in executing LinkedIn strategies for B2B Marketing as well as other digital marketing campaigns.  Nick with RaiseYourVoltage is a trusted digital marketing professional and I have recommended him several times to other companies. 


I look forward to continuing my partnership with RaiseYourVoltage as I grow my business.  They are the bomb!

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